Standard Midwifery Care Package

  • Prenatal Care - Including routine visits at our office, and one home visit at 34-36.

  • Labor & Birth - In the comfort of your home.

  • Postpartum Care - Including up to 2 home visits, 3 office visits, breastfeeding support, well baby checkups, and much more, up to 12 weeks.

Global fee for care packages with flexible payment options:

  • $3200 - payment in full due by 36 weeks

    • $400 discount available if paid in full by 20 weeks, or within 1 month of onset of care.

    • $300 fee to extend payment deadline to 8 weeks postpartum.

    *$500 non-refundable deposit due at onset of care, applied to care package.

Additional Fees:

  • Extra mileage fee is added for clients who live more than 30 minutes from Midtown Tulsa.

  • $250 - Routine cash lab package, including initial prenatal panel, glucose screening, and group B strep test. Additional fees apply if more testing is needed.

  • Birth Kit - which can be purchased here.

Prenatal Care - 1

Prenatal Care with your midwife is an intimate and educational experience. Your checkups are catered to your physical, emotional, and educational needs. We allow at least 1 hour for each appointment. This ensures plenty of time to answer any questions you or your partner have, address any discomforts you are experiencing, and discuss resources to help you make informed choices that are right for you regarding your pregnancy, nutrition, exercise, and preparation for labor, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. We closely monitor maternal and fetal well-being through lab work, fetal growth, and other clinical signs, and offer extensive nutrition and supplement counseling. We do all that we can to help keep mom and baby healthy and low risk, and identify any issues or complications that may arise so that they can be managed and treated appropriately. 

Labor and Birth - 2

We provide physical and emotional support, as well as peaceful, gentle monitoring of the physical health and well-being of mom and baby throughout labor, in the comfort of your home. You will be attended by your midwife and at least one assistant. We bring emergency medical supplies and equipment, as well as herbs, homeopathic remedies and essential oils to help provide safety and comfort to your birth. We seek to honor your birth space, and help empower you to listen to and trust your body, so that you may give birth exactly how your body and your baby need.

Postpartum Care - 3

The first moments of your baby’s life on the outside are precious and so very important. We honor these moments, and focus our efforts on facilitating peaceful bonding while evaluating and monitoring mom and baby. We stay at least 2 hours after mom and baby are both stable, help with breastfeeding, prepare a healing herb bath for mom (and baby, if desired), perform a full newborn exam, and get everyone tucked into bed! 

Following the birth, the midwife returns to your home at 24-48 hours and again at 3-5 days, to check on you as you rest and bond with your baby. We also follow up at around 2 weeks, 4 weeks and 6 weeks, checking on mom’s physical and emotional recovery, baby’s growth and development, offer breastfeeding support and much more. We try our best to help support you and your family in such a way that makes your postpartum transition joyful and peaceful.

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Other services


Waterbirth is a gentle and peaceful way to welcome a baby into the world. We provide the birth pool, no rental fees required. We also set up and tear down the pool. Clients wanting a water birth, and/or wanting to use the birth pool for labor are responsible to purchase a disposable pool liner and a new drinking water hose.

Placenta Preparation Services

We offer raw placenta preparation as well as the traditional Chinese medicine method of preparation.
Please contact us to make arrangements. 

  • Encapsulation - $200 ($50 discount for homebirth clients)

  • Tinctures - $20 (only available with encapsulation)


Traveling Midwife

For families who live overseas, or out of state in a location where homebirth midwives are not available to you, we are willing to travel! This option is limited based on availability, and the legality of homebirth in your area. Please contact us for more information.