Sarah Tilford, CPM

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I am a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM), providing out of hospital birth services to Eastern and Central Oklahoma. I seek to serve women and families with compassion and respect, honoring the beautiful process of pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum and breastfeeding. I believe that pregnancy and birth are natural, physiological processes, and that the female body is perfectly designed and capable to give birth safely, and naturally. I strive to be a guide and resource to empower women and families to achieve the pregnancy and birth experience that is best for them.

I have been involved in birth work since 2011, and have served women and families across numerous states, countries and continents. My journey into midwifery began in China while working with women in crisis pregnancy situations. In my search for practical skills to serve the families I worked with, I felt strongly that God was leading me to pursue midwifery. I began midwifery training through apprenticeship in Southern California with Birth Matters, Inc. I was surprised how quickly I fell in love with caring for women and babies, and the beauty and power of birth, and how deeply I felt called to this work. After 8 months, I returned to China, and was able to serve as a doula and reproductive health educator. I continued studying midwifery through correspondence, and participated in an internship at a birth center in the Philippines. I completed my clinical training in February, 2015, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, under the supervision of Faith Morie, CPM, LM and graduated from the National Midwifery Institute in October, 2015, earning the credential of NARM CPM in November, 2015.

I am an Oklahoma native, born and raised in Guthrie, graduated from OU in Norman, and now after traveling and living abroad for several years, I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my husband Micah and our two amazing sons, Jonah and Simon.  


  • BA in Letters and Chinese, University of Oklahoma, 2009

  • Graduate of the National Midwifery Institute, 2015

  • NARM Certified Professional Midwife