change the world, one birth at a time

Women have been giving birth since the beginning of time, and midwives have been supporting women through pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond for nearly as long. Traditionally, each village or community had a midwife who would serve the families, not only as a birth attendant, but as a vital resource for building and maintaining healthy families in the community. Today, we live in a global society. The world is our village, and we are your village midwives. Modern Village Midwifery seeks to be that vital resource, not only providing a full scope of homebirth midwifery services, but also being an educational resource for nutrition, supplements, natural remedies and over wellness. We strive to serve as broad and diverse of a community as possible. We also offer homebirth services for families who live outside the US. Contact us to learn more about our international services. 

We strongly believe that where, how, and with whom a birth takes place is incredibly significant. The way a woman and her family are treated throughout the course of the childbearing year matters.  Thus, we do all that we can to honor this influential time and to provide a peaceful, respectful, safe birth experience for all of our clients. If you want to learn more about having a homebirth with a midwife in Oklahoma, please contact us to set up consultation!